LeShow Moscow 1st International Young Designers Competition

LeShow Moscow 1st International Young Designers Competition

LeShow Moscow International Leather and Fur Fashion Fair is celebrating 10th year with the ˜Follow the Red!™ campaign. The campaign includes many innovations such as the competition and a social responsibility project with Life-Line Russia.

The LeShow 1st International Young Designers Competition ˜the Cultured™ is organized for the participation of the students of design academies in Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Russia.

The theme of ˜the Cultured™ competition is cultural interface; the application of ethnic/indigenous motifs/techniques in leather and fur fashion.

The 1st prize of the Cultured™ event, the final of the competition on 7th of June in LeShow Moscow 10th edition is, €2500 by Turkel Fair (www.turkel.com.tr) plus study abroad education pack of MEDU International Education & Student Exchange Services. www.medu.com. tr

Last application date is 15th of March. The students can apply to leshowint@turkel. com.tr with their names, email addresses, schools and country information only.

Deadline of receiving the entries for the first elimination in Moscow is 26th of March. The students will send only the presentation boards for the first elimination.

The first elimination of the countries Italy, France, Spain, Greece and Russia will be done in Design and Technology Department of Moscow State University and the two finalists of each country will be announced on 31th of March.

The first elimination of two finalists from Turkey will be organized by Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Textile and Fashion Design Department.

The finalists will prepare each only one finished design to exhibit in the LeShow Moscow 10th edition together with the presentation boards of the collection. 2 finalists of each country will be invited to the LeShow Moscow Fair and accommodation and travel expenses will be provided by Turkel Fair.

The selection of the presentation boards of the competitors who did not make the final will be exhibited in the Fashion Gallery of LeShow Moscow 10th edition.

Apply for this challenging competition and let your designs meet the world in an international fair.

Further information can be reached at www.leshow.ru


http://leshow.ru/eng/FOLLOW_ THE_RED/young_ designer_ contest_2007


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