First International Student Meeting for Animation Arts

Requirements for registration

All animated films and works must be produced by students to be admitted. Any film has to be finished by January 2004 or after. Only entire films (no excerpts) will be admitted for selection. The selection of installation and performance pieces should be based on scale models, photographs and videos that present the work in a clear and unequivocal way.
The participation in the festival is free and open to films, objects, installations and performances that incorporate animation as a significant part of the work.

Deadlines and registration

Deadline for entry form is 30th of March 2007

Deadline for sending films, scale models, photographs, etc. is 5th of April 2007.
Besides the registration form the following items must be sent:

A copy of the film in DVD, miniDV, DV or VHS format.
A signed copy of the registration form
One or more digital Images (300ppi) of the film and one photo of the author(s)
A list of dialogues, commentaries, or texts inserted in the film in the original language and in English
Note - VHS format is only accepted for selection, not for screening

Films have to be sent by mail with the message: “Filme para festival sem valor comercial” or “Film for festival. No commercial value.”

Films and other works will be selected during March. Selected candidates will be notified by e-mail.

Any national or international institution may submit one or more films/works. Artists who submit their work individually must prove that the work was produced while being a student.

Registration forms, copies of films and promotional material should indicate the registration number sent by e-mail.

Please send your work to:

International Student Meeting of Animation Arts
Escola Superior de Artes e Design
Rua Isidoro Inácio Alves de Carvalho

Tel: (+351) 262 830 900
Fax: (+351) 262 830 904

Return of copies
Only the copies of films and works for screenings and exhibitions will be returned. Copies sent for selection will not be returned.

Films and other works will be insured during the festival (during the time they are kept by the organization). Each copy should not exceed the value of 100 Euros.

Screening of the selected films
The festival accepts the following formats for projection: DVD, miniDV, DV or Betacam SP (Pal). Copies for screenings must be received by the 5th of April 2007 without fail.

Jury and Awards
The festival FIRST has a somewhat alternative philosophy: there are no specific awards in specific categories. The jury will select one hour of films for the screening which are in the competition. All authors whose work has been selected will receive the same award.
The jury will comprise national and international film directors, professors, journalists and students.

About the Award
Award winning films will be compiled on a DVD, which will be promoted and screened at other International Schools and/or festivals with no commercial interests. The Award is intended to allow for the promotion and presentation of the award winning films reaching a maximum of people and institutions.

The registration of one or more films/works implies accepting the rules and regulations of the festival without exceptions.

Final considerations
Any doubts concerning the rules and regulations will be resolved by the organization based on the principles of equity and common sense.

The registration for the FIRST 2007 Festival implies the full acceptance of the rules and regulations.
Any doubts concerning differing interpretations will be clarified based on the Portuguese version of this document.

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