Promosedia International Design Competition - Caiazza Memorial Challenge 2008

Promosedia International Design Competition - Caiazza Memorial Challenge 2008

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The aim of the competition is to stimulate innovative creative ideas, which must however be technically feasible and designed to be mass produced.

Submissions are invited which express originality and innovation and which identify the use and function of the chair, giving due consideration to ergonomics, choice of materials and the requirements for mass production.

Entries should present ideas for Indoor Chairs for either residential or contract use, making a significant use of wood (NB: designs of seats such as chaises longues, divans, stools and pouffes are ineligible).

Young Designers under 40
The competition is open to designers under the age of 40 on 8th September 2007: Architects and Designers; Students, duly enrolled in Tertiary Design Institutes and Faculties of Architecture. Entry by a design school, or individual courses of industrial design (within Faculties of Architecture or Higher Institutes of Design) is also possible. In such cases the responsible head of the course, whose details must be indicated always respecting the rules on anonymity as cited hereunder, becomes the single designated person for communications as well as the only person to collect possible awards.

Group entry is also admissible. In such case participants must designate a group leader by appropriate declaration, signed by each group member, to be attached to the entry, as well as all agreeing to be bound by the competition regulations.

The group leader to be responsible for all purposes to the competition organisers as well as being the only person entitled to collect possible awards.

Unpublished Designs
The designs entered must be original and previously unpublished, created expressly for this competition. Non-compliance with such conditions will result in exclusion from the competition or, in case the non-compliance should only be established later, any possible awards shall be cancelled and any prize-money, award etc. must be returned. Decisions by the Panel of Judges are final and are not subject to appeal.

Entry is automatic by submitting competition documentation and no entry fee is required. Each participant may submit only one design and either individual or group entry.

The project to be of a maximum of 2 sheets with dimensional views of the design: of 1 axonometric projection sheet and 1 illustrative sheet with rendering or in perspective. The feasibility drawings must analyse the construction and technical aspects of the design.

The sheets to be on CD-ROM in A3 size (29,7 x 42 cm), each saved in “.jpg” both in 300 dpi definition (high resolution) and in 72 dpi (low resolution) definition.

Moreover the CD-ROM must contain a short description of motivation, the characteristics of the design - including materials -and any other information considered useful.

This must not exceed 500 characters, including spaces, and is to be saved in “.txt” format. It is further compulsory to enclose a paper copy of the design sheets, again in A3 size (29,7 x 42 cm).

If even only one of the above requirements is missing, it will result in the design being excluded from the competition. Furthermore a portfolio (if available) of the contestant’s own works (maximum 10 designs) to be presented anonymously within the CD-ROM.

These designs can be selected from architectural designs, interiors, fitting out designs, general design and exam results (for students).

This portfolio presentation is voluntary and is not compulsory.

Entry must be anonymous. Entries must not bear the name(s) of the designer(s) in any part of the entry, on pain of disqualification. The designer(s) must choose some name, phrase or code of identification of no more than 2 words, or letter/number code of 6 non-repetitive characters (graphic symbols are not admissible) which if published may be used as design name and must appear on every part of the submission, on the CD-ROM and the CD-ROM cover, on every digital image, on each sheet of the attached print-out, on the design description and on the portfolio (if applicable).

The identity of the participant(s) to be specified in two sealed plain envelopes. Each envelope should bear only the chosen means of identification on the outside of the envelope and containing the following typewritten information (not acceptable if handwritten) of the entrant &/or individuals of the group:

- Name, surname, address, telephone, fax and e-mail address;
- Certificate as proof of enrolment in a faculty or institute as specified above.

- Personal declaration including name, date of birth, address, telephone, fax and e-mail address.

Each envelope must contain details of the group leader if applicable. Promosedia will retain as the only valid point of reference the supplied e-mail address. It is therefore advisable to ensure that information supplied is complete, correct and valid for at least subsequent 6 months. Moreover each envelope must contain the declaration of acceptance regarding the use of personal data and the declaration regarding insertion of design data in the special File.

Closing Dates

All submissions must reach: Promosedia SpA, via Trieste 9/6, - 33044 Manzano (UD) Italy by 18:00 on 31th March 2008.

Where delivery is by mail or carrier, the postmark or consignment note will be considered proof of compliance. In any case, designs reaching Promosedia after 7th April, 2008 cannot be accepted even if due to postal or other delays or errors.

Panel of Judges, Meetings and Deliberations
The Panel of Judges will consist of eminent members of the design world and design journalist, with the right of co-option by majority, should the need arise for substitutions etc., as well as a Secretary, with no voting rights, to act as administrator and co-ordinator.

The Panel will evaluate the entries submitted in accordance with the competition rules and judge on the basis of originality as well as aesthetic and functional aspects of the entry. 50% of the Panel’s members will be considered a quorum for meetings.

Decisions are deemed valid by a majority of those present. Minutes will be kept of all decisions. The Panel may decide to present no awards should no entry be judged valid or worthy of an award.

Competition Results
The first prize winner and other possible winners of special awards will be notified by registered mail within 15 days of the Panel of Judges finalising its decisions.

1st Prize: Outright Winner = Net amount of 3.500 Euros.
Promosedia will be responsible for production of the prototype which will be exhibited during Promosedia2008 - International Chair Exhibition (13th to 16th September), together with prototypes of the designs of the section “By Invitation”, and will be the subject of a special catalogue.

The Judges can decide to allocate up to two Special Awards for 500 Euros (net amount) to each. Promosedia will be responsible for the production of the prototype/s, which will be displayed at the above exhibition. The display of the prototypes may subsequently be repeated in other venues without reference to the designers.

Presentation of Awards
Presentation will take place during “Promosedia2008 - International Chair Exhibition" to be held in Udine from 13th to 16th September.

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