Invitation!!! Istanbul: 2010 European Capital of Culture

We are a Project team founded under the roof of Project and Research
Club in Boðaziçi University (Istanbul/Turkey). Due to the selection
of Istanbul as the 2010 European Capital of Cultuýre, we are
organizing a project related with our city Istanbul, with the aim of
contributing to the proud we feel for this special occasion and we
will realize our project with European students.

Our project which will last until 2010 consists of two steps.The
first step is to create a project idea in the theme of `The Peace
of Civilizations ', which will increase the value of Istanbul,
which has been home to various civilizations with great tolerance
for ages.The creation of such an idea will be together with the
participation of university students coming from many different
cities that has been European Capital of Culture or will be one in
the near future. The second step is the realization of the project
idea in 2010.

At this point we are waiting for your help in finding suitable
students and we are requesting to use your communication networks.
We are believing that any student with a special interest towards
creation of a project or who is capable of teamwork, wanting to
reveal his /her secret abilities , and who wants to know new
cultures will be of great assistance in our project.

Participants will not pay anything except their travel costs while
coming to Turkey and a 50 € attendance fee in order to participate
in our project which will take place in Istanbul in 19-26 June 2008.
During the project week, participants will be welcomed in a way that
is suitable for Turkish hospitability. There will be some
conferences and talks related with the theme of the project.
Furthermore, participants will be provided with some daily trips in
Istanbul and some surprise activities , which will make their stay
in Istanbul full of interesting events. During one –week time in
Istanbul, project ideas will be created with students coming from
different cultures, to contribute to the value of Istanbul. One of
the ideas that is admired most by the jury will be put into
application. By the way, our project is supported by Istanbul
Metropolitan Municipality.

Above you are informed about our project in general terms. Trusting
on your knowledge and experience, we are inviting you to support
this `Culture and Peace Organization' which is entirely a student
project, in terms of finding European students and directing them to
We request your sending the invitation in the attachment to the
related academic departments and every student association /club to
make sure the publicity of our project to wider groups in your
university. You can have acceess to more detailed information on our


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