Jetlag Wins 2007 Good Design Graphics Awards

Hello Design Connoisseurs,

We wanted to let you know that Jetlag, the adventurous publication edited by maverick Italian publisher 27_9
and art directed by Franco Cervi, has been honored with the 2007 Good Design Graphics Award.

The prize,
conferred by the Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture & Design, recognizes Jetlag's design energy,
quality and innovation. The series features incisive graphic portraits by Alessandro Gottardo coupled with
acerbic text by Ferruccio Giromini, which reflect the new millennium's feelings and phobias -- an existential jet lag.

This astute publication is the perfect gift item for progressive thinkers who appreciate the intersection between form
and function. The rigid cardboard pages and elegant, yet minimalist illustrations confront the reader with the tangible
discomforts of modern society. Jetlag 1 and Jetlag 2 are available as a combo package or in separate volumes.

Feel free to contact or (718) 857-3782 for more information.

Let the journey begin!


Meredith Spector
Junior Account Executive
Novità Communications
222A Sixth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

T. 718-857-3782
F. 718-398-2591


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