The Secret Art Fair in Berlin

We are an enthusiastic project in Berlin, consisting of young art lovers, who try to bring aspects of Web2.0 to the art world: collaboration and participation.

We present an art fair, that passes on the responsibilities of curating, at least partially, back to the artists. One half of all artists we are going to show on the Secret Art Fair will be picked by the community. The other half will be chosen by a jury of museum curators, gallery owners and other art professionals.

We see our project not only as an ambitious experiment for curating an art fair by applicants or potential visitors themselves, but also as a promising start of a new kind of art fair, where not only a part of the exhibited artworks are chosen by the community, but also the meta-topic in the run-up of each fair. For the first fair, we took the liberty of determining the topic ourselves.

The Secret Art Fair will be no conventional fair for established galleries; it will be an exhibition of young artists, where visitors can buy the featured artworks.

We will have space for up to 150 works (depending of the size of the artworks), so we want to invite up to 150 different artists to show their work.

The identities of the jury members won’t be disclosed until the start of the fair, since we want the young artists being in the centre of public interest, not the co-curators of our fair.

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