Young Guru Academy (YGA) Presents :

Young Guru Academy (YGA) Presents :
Second Annual Istanbul Cultural Ambassadors Program:

Istanbul Cultural Ambassadors Program: June 24, 2008 - July 5, 2008

Developed by YGA graduates in 2006, Istanbul Cultural Ambassadors / Culture Surfers Program is designed to select, educate and train Cultural Ambassadors from all over the world to build cultural bridges between the countries, introduce the city, Turkish culture and Turkish cuisine through tours of the city ,visits to historical and cultural places, demonstrations of Turkish music, dance and art, providing participants an unforgettable cultural experience.

Proje: Istanbul Kultur Elcileri
2010 Avrupa Kultur Baskenti olan Istanbul'u tanitmak, kulturel degerleri paylasmak ve uygarliklar arasinda bir kopru olusturacak el€ çileri yetistirmek.

June 24, 2008 - July 5, 2008- This summer, Young Guru Academy (YGA) will host participants from Washington D.C, Raleigh, NC, Spain, Holland and Hong Kong for a 10 day cross-cultural program to introduce Istanbul and the Turkish culture.

Upon their return to their countries, the participants are expected to promote Istanbul at their universities through working with the Turkish student bodies of their universities and or through organizing events on their own.

The participants will stay at YGA graduates homes and will be accompanied on the daily tours of Istanbul by YGA fellows.

Below are some comments from 2007 Istanbul Cultural Ambassadors from USA:

Surprises, questions, connections, lessons. To understand a culture well you need to live with the people. Thanks to the Istanbul Cultural Ambassadors program's design of having our Turkish hosts live with us and be our tour guides in Istanbul, we were able to ask questions about their daily lives and literally "dip our hands" in to the culture. I loved the program, I loved istanbul.

Melissa Wiesner - Duke University

I absolutely loved this program and treasure the memories I have in Istanbul. This experince of being an Istanbul Cultural Ambassador was one of the best of my life. I have seen sights and had adventures and made friends that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I have been exposed to a richness and culture, warmth of friendship and hospitality that truly moved me deply. Thank you YGA.

Kyle Beaulieu - UNC-Chapel Hill

The YGA hosts in Istanbul dove deep below the surface of the city with us and showed us the inner forces that conduct the symphony that is the city. I loved the program and Istanbul. I'm excited to return to my adoptive country in the future.

William Blackton- North Carolina State

YGA is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt non-profit organization based in Istanbul and USA. Our mission is to select, educate, train and inspire creative innovative and socially responsible Leaders. YGA graduates develop and implement projects in different areas of social, economic and education development in Turkey and in USA.

For more information on Istanbul Cultural Ambassadors Program, on our projects and on YGA please visit:

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We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our dream partners and organizations in USA and in Turkey for supporting us in our projects and programs.

Amerika'daki ve Turkiye'deki tum hayal ortaklarimiza YGA'ye destekleriniz icin cok tesekkurler ederiz.


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