Oddstream, audiovisual project

Hi !

We are developing Oddstream II, III and IV international audiovisual
project and we are searching for organisations that work with video,
spoken words, poetry and audio beat creation. All the exchanges will take
place in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. We are trying to create a good basis
for international project in this area.

http://www.oddstream (this was Oddstream I )

Oddstream II (Autumn 2008)
The production of 1 minute moves

Oddstream III (Spring 2009)
The productions of poetry, spoken word, video performances

Oddstream IV (Autumn 2009)
The productions of documentary /short movie

Every exchange will end with a presentation of the results for other young
people and a party.

If you are interested in 1 or more of the exchanges please mail me WITH
information about your group and the skills and experience you have
(audio, video, poetry and so on).

If you are a group of people wanting to have holidays (or just smoke) in
the Netherlands please don’t mail. We want active participants.

Deadline to react is 25th of December.

Take care,




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