DESIGN CINEMA 2008 International Design and Cinema Conference


3rd International Design and Cinema Conference
19-22 November, 2008
Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture

Call for Papers - Deadline for abstract submissions: 30 March 2008

The moving image has become a powerful medium for the representation of
designed worlds and revolutionized the abstraction of that which is
designed. While designers have become more open to the interests of
cinema, cinema is expansively engaged with issues of design. This third
meeting of the series Design and Cinema is organized with the intention of
bringing together scholars and practitioners for theorizing and
rhetorizing the interpretation and production of those environments
assumed to exist as real, hyper-real and/or virtual, embracing all hybrid
forms. We believe that this theme will uncover those other far-reaching
issues related to the realized and potential mise-en-scène designed. The
real covers issues of designing of objects and environments, and the
experience of the designed, as in the staging of the setting including
both the actors and the scenery. Since what we understand from the
hyper-real is an illusion whose effects are more real than the reality
itself, the socio-political character of this phenomenon is expected to
unravel itself in discussions dealing with the forces involved in the
manipulation of reality and the blurring of the real for those who
experience it in their daily lives. The virtual understood as a parallel
universe, the technology and know-how employed in its implementation, and
all hybrid forms of existing parallel in the world of the real and the
virtual are expected to be the focus of discussions here. Ideas,
speculative propositions, media, practices, products, that fall under the
issues presented here are welcome. Buildings, environments, products,
film, television, computers, costume, games, sound, all are expected to
act as agents of discussion.

Key issues include, but are not limited to the following areas of interest:

2D, 3D, 4D, Animation, Advertisement, Artificial Intelligence,
Artwork-based entertainment, Audiovisual media, Atmosphere creating,
Character design, Cinematic design, Comedy, Comics, Commercials, Computer
games, Computer generated, Costume, Digital media, Digital Sculpture,
Disneyification, Entertainment industry, Fiction, Film Analysis, Game
industry, Game Culture, Gender, Sexuality and Popular Culture, Graphic
Storytelling, Holography, Home theatre, Horror, Interactive game tools,
Interactive installations, Interactive media, Make-up, Matte painting,
Media Convergence, Motion Capture, Multi-dimensional environments,
Narrative media, New media, Parallel universes, Personal immersive
environment, Physical Spaces, Portable multi-media, Post-production,
Props, Robotics, Science Fiction, Screening, Sets, Simulacra and
simulation, Special effects, Society of the spectacle, Sound, Stage
design, Storytelling, Supernatural Theatre buildings, Theories of Media,
TV broadcasts, TV characters, World making, Virtual spaces

We seek to bring to the front through this conference one of the ongoing
discussions: representation and realization of the designed setting with
reference to theory, tools, and practices.

Important dates:
30 March 2008 Submission of abstracts (750 words)
30 April 2008 Notification of accepted abstracts
30 June 2008 Submission of full papers
30 July 2008 Notification of accepted papers
30 October 2008 Deadline for registration
19-22 October 2008 Conference

Submitted abstracts and papers will be reviewed by an international
scientific committee. Keynote speakers will be announced following their
confirmation, although positive contacts have been established.

Electronic submission of papers is required in .pdf and .doc format.
Abstracts of 750 words, with brief resume should be submitted to All the necessary details will be
announced at the conference website.
Abstracts will be published as a hard copy, and the full papers in CD format.

For additional information about the past conferences, you can either
check the conference website ( or the
published book 'Design and Cinema: form follows film' by Cambridge
Scholars Press, UK (ISBN: 9781847180032).

Steering Committee
Belkis Uluoglu
Ayhan Ensici
Ali Vatansever
Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture
Taskisla, Taksim 34714
Istanbul, Turkey.

Conference contact:

For more information and the Call for Papers, please visit:

Design and Cinema Conferences


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