Romania TransyMusic

Romania TransyMusic 20 November – 20 December 2007a project by Ergo Phizmiz and Iuliana Varodi

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Seven artists and musicians from east and west, north and south will be invited
to take part in a unique and collaborative process for the creation of
contemporary music inspired by Transylvanian vibes. Artists should bring their
own instruments. We will provide microphones and sound recording / editing
equipment. Ancient local songs (live and recorded) from the Mures valley /
Transylvania will be regularly presented as an inspiration for the abroad
participants. These songs will be from local Romanian, Hungarian and Gipsy

Artists from sculpture and video-art will also be invited to respond to
Transymusic and document the process creatively. Throughout the project we will
look at innovative ways of combining the visual and sound elements of

In what will be an exploratory and experimental process, the month will be used
cross-pollinating, improvising, recording, and experiencing the local culture,
bringing diverse elements together and creating dialogues culminating a body of
work with a number of outlets, including a concert, a CD, an art installation,
and a web-based archive.

A concert will be held in Targu Mures based Teatru 74 – inside the middle age
fortress of the city - at the end of the residency. The art installation will be
exhibited in one of the art galleries in the area, and the CD with TransyMusic
and documentation about it will be sent to our network of curators / galleries,
disseminating the project internationally. The web-archive will comprise a
collection of sound files from the duration of the project, licensed with a
Creative Commons license for further recomposition and creative uses.

We will provide food and lodging during the project. The conditions will be
quite basic, and together we'll make sure the place will be clean, messy and
cosy. There will be home made wine, and some delicious home made jams and more,
all own production with fruits and veggies coming mainly from our own (and the
neighbours) biologic gardens. Participants are invited to bring something
specific from their own country to be shared in the residency after-party.

Artists to be invited include practitioners from Japan, India, South-America,
Germany, England, Indonesia, Africa, and Thailand.

Application: send in your CV, a letter of motivation and soem mp3s at


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